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31 July 2016

No Work Today!

The girl is still here. I do not know what her Quests are. I do not know why they are taking so long!

Today I do not need to be Useful. It is because of the Quests.

The Queen said *Bud Mushroom go home and We will Summon you if you are needed*.

Cloverflower said she will visit me. She will bring me my acorn drum from Pebblemist. I am glad I cleaned my house! I will have a nice place to put my drum.

OH! Cloverflower is here now!

She says *What is that pink thing Bud? Why are you jumping in it? Show me what it is!*

She comes closer to me! She looks at my rock. She watches me jump.

She says *Where did you get that Bud? What happens if I touch th

30 July 2016

I found a girl in the woods

I saw Rudy today. We played hide-and-seek. I found something that was not Rudy!

This is what I found: a human girl! She was sitting by a tree. She was crying! But she saw me! She said *Are you a fairy?* and I nodded. Then she said *Can you help me?* But I did not know what she wanted! So I did not know if I could help her. But the Queen can help her! So I nodded. Then the girl smiled! She followed me to the Queen!

The Queen said to the girl *Tell Us why you are in Twinkle Dingle!* and the girl said *I want to grow flowers*. I do not know why she wants to grow flowers. But I thought she should go to the gnomes! They grow things! They could help her!

But the Queen said *Prince Silvertoes will go with this girl on Three Quests and then I will grant her Request*.

I drooped when she said that. The gnomes should show the girl how to grow things! The Prince should not go with a human! He is the Prince! But the Queen said to do the Quests. When the Queen says to do something, everyone has to do it.

But the Queen did NOT say *Bud Mushroom will go with this girl on Three Quests and then I will grant her Request*.

So I went back to Rudy. But he was asleep. So I came home.

Then I cleaned my house. I put everything away. I fed the ants. I hung my snakeskin on the ceiling! I ate some nectar.

I do not know if I was Useful. But I liked doing it anyway. I like my home. Sometimes I just sit and look at my things.

I wonder how long the girl will be in Twinkle Dingle.

Goodbye from Bud Mushroom.

29 July 2016

Clean up

Today we cleaned up the clearing. Parties are fun but they make a mess!

Flutterglow told Cloverflower that I floated in the punch. They laughed and laughed. Then Cloverflower told Pebblemist. Pebblemist told Willowdrop. Willowdrop told Flickerfoot. Flickerfoot frowned and said *Bud Mushroom you should not have done that. Now I know why my nectar punch tasted like mushrooms. You must be useful and wash the punchbowl*.

I took the punchbowl to the pond. I washed it. It was fun to float in the water. And now I am not sticky. But I wore my clothing today. It fell off in the water. It is gone now. I am glad. I don’t like clothing anyway.

I picked up the feathers that were in the trees. I brought them home. I found the empty snail-shell. It was not broken! I brought it home too. There was one tiny piece of choklit still inside! I ate it.

Then we were done cleaning. But a strange thing happened. I will tell you about it.

Flickerfoot is Very Important. He is so Important that he has shoes! But his shoes vanished at the Party! He took them off when he rode a dragonfly. Dragonflies fly FAST! Sometimes when a fairy rides one, their clothes fly right off! So he took off his shoes and his hat before his ride. He did not want to lose them! He found the hat. He cannot find the shoes ANYWHERE! No one can find them! We looked and looked today. The Queen thinks a Party Guest stole them! The Queen said *Someone has Pilfered Flickerfoot’s shoes*. That was not a nice thing to do. I hope we find out who it is. I do not want anymore shoes to be stolen!

Tomorrow I am going to visit Rudy. We always have fun together.

Goodbye from Bud Mushroom.

28 July 2016



I ate and drank so many things! IT WAS ALL DELICIOUS! This is what I ate and drank: nectar punch, acorn milk, moss soup, Smallified peaches (I just licked mine and gave the rest to Rudy).

I licked the honey off of my petal cake. I saved the petals. I will put them with my snakeskin.

I played so many games! I played got-your-wing and pin-the-spots-on-the-ladybug (the ladybug kept moving!) and loop-de-loop and lick-the-mushroom and who-has-the-feather!

Everyone hit the snail-shell ball with a stick! It did not break. But then Peppertwirl hit it. The wax came off! The Surprises fell out! Everyone cheered! Everyone shared the Surprises. The Queen gave Peppertwirl a flower because she was the one that made it open.

I danced and jumped and flew! I rode dragonflies (they came!) and floated in the punch bowl!

Flutterglow saw me in the punch bowl. She said *You should not be in there Bud but it is a Party so I won’t tell anyone*. Then she giggled and I giggled. Then she said *Move over so I can get a cup of punch, you are in the way*. The nectar punch was delicious.

My clothing did not stick to me after I got out! My bottom was not uncovered!

The Prince got a lot of Gifts! He smiled at my Jingle Bell! He said *Thank You for this Jingle Bell Bud Mushroom!* That made me happy!

Now I can tell you what the Queen got him. It is not a Surprise anymore. It is - A WISH! He can make any Wish he wants! Only a Prince would get a Wish! Do you know how I hid a Wish? I hid it under a leaf. Then no one could see it! The Queen said *That was Very Clever Bud Mushroom. You are a Useful Fairy!*

I will tell you more about the Party tomorrow. I am tired now. But it was so much fun!

Goodbye from Bud Mushroom!

27 July 2016


The Party is TOMORROW! The Party is TOMORROW! I am so excited!

Today everyone in Twinkle Dingle took a bath. Even the gnomes! EVEN RUDY! He took off his watering can hat. Then he climbed into the pond.

I like floating in the water. It is fun splashing with my friends. Everyone takes off their clothing to get in the water. No one keeps their bottom covered! We swam and splashed and dove under water!

When Rudy was done with his bath, he rolled in the dirt. I laughed! Thistle said *Rudy. No. Not the dirt*. But Rudy did it anyway. Thistle and Nettle made Rudy get into the water again.

Then I was clean. I went to Peppertwirl. She gave me my Party clothing! She said *Do not get it dirty before tomorrow Bud Mushroom*. I do not want to get it dirty. I hid it in my house so it will not get dirty. I put it under a pile of moss. It will be safe there.

Then I went to Willowdrop. She brushed my hair. She said *Bud Mushroom nothing I can do will make your hair behave. Even my magic will not make it lay flat. It is Unique just like You. Do not tell the Queen but I like it better this way*.

I grinned when she said that. Willowdrop was the best Mummy! If I had flat hair then I would not look like me. It is better if my hair stays how it is. Then everyone will know who I am. I do not want to confuse my friends. And I like my hair!

I will go to sleep early tonight. I want to get up early for the party!

I hope I can sleep! I am so excited!

Goodbye from Bud Mushroom!!!

26 July 2016


Today I helped decorate for the party!

Pebblemist made a dancing ring. She set up a place for musicians. I did not help her.

Thistle and Nettle and Henbit and Nutsedge put weeds everyplace. I did not help them.

Wildwhisper polished the Thorn. I did not help him.

Flickerfoot and the Kitchen Fairies put out tables and dishes for the food. I did not help them either.

Flutterglow and Cloverflower giggled a lot. I did not giggle. I was too busy!

This is what I did:

I strung spidersilk on trees and flowers. I blew dandelion puffs at it. The silk was sticky. The puffs stuck to it! It is pretty.

I found pretty feathers. I tied them to tree branches. They fly around in the wind! But they will not fly away. I tied them carefully.

I tied the round ball thing to a tree branch. It swings under the branch. It will be hard to hit because it swings!

The Queen saw it. She said *Bud Mushroom that is a Very Good Round Ball. We believe it will be Very Entertaining to hit it with a Stick and see the Surprises fall out*. I was so happy that it was right!

I am very tired now. I worked hard.

The party is in two more days!

Goodbye from Bud Mushroom.

25 July 2016


Today Prince Silvertoes said *Bud Mushroom I need you. Be Useful and come here*.

He is not the Queen. But he still says things and I still do them.

I went to where he wanted me. Then he said *Bud Mushroom I want dragonfly rides at my Party. Be sure there will be dragonflies*.

I frowned when he said that. My wings drooped. I did not want to find dragonflies. I am not scared of them. But I do not like chasing them. They do not want to stop. They are FAST!

Then the Prince said *Bud Mushroom stop frowning and drooping. Be Useful, and go find some dragonflies*.

He is the Prince so I did what he said.

I chased dragonflies ALL DAY! Finally I caught up to some. They were resting on a flower. That is how I could catch up to them.

I told them to come to the Party. I told them the Prince wants to ride them. They said they would come. But they giggled when they said it. Dragonflies sound strange when they giggle. It makes my teeth hurt.

I do not know if they will really come to the Party. I hope they do! I do not want the Prince to be disappointed at his own Party!

The Party is only three days away!! My wings are so tired!

Goodbye from Bud Mushroom.