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20 July 2016

There is a fox in Twinkle Dingle!

Flutterglow popped into my house! I was still in bed! She shook me until I was awake.

She said *Bud Mushroom do not go outside. There is a fox in Twinkle Dingle! Small fairies must stay inside! I will check on you later and I will leave you some food*.

She left me nectar. I like nectar! But I am too scared to eat! There should not be a fox here. They are big! They have scary teeth! I do not want to be a snack!

The small fairies are inside their homes. I am glad I am a small fairy! I am not going outside!

Flutterglow said *The Queen and the Prince are in their house, so they are safe. Wildwhisper has the Thorn and he will make the fox leave! The big fairies are helping him! I need to tell the Gnomes about the fox. Do not go outside Bud Mushroom!*

Then she popped away!

I will not go outside.

I hope the fox leaves soon.

I see something poking into my house! It is a nose!

I have to hide!

Goodbye from Bud Mushroom.

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