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21 July 2016

The fox is gone!

I am safe! I hid under some moss! The fox did not find me.

Cloverflower came to my house. She told me the fox was gone from Twinkle Dingle! Then she told me what happened. She giggled and giggled when she told me. And then I giggled.

This is what happened. Wildwhisper poked the fox with the Thorn! The fox got mad! It tried to bite Wildwhisper! Flutterglow popped in and then popped him away! She was very brave. But Wildwhisper was her Poppy. She had to save him.

Cloverflower was not scared. Flutterglow was not scared. They are the fastest flyers! They can pop away! So they made the fox chase them! Flutterglow had the Thorn! When the fox stopped, she poked it again! The fox chased and chased!

They were very clever! Because guess what was at the end of their chase? Rudy the Skunk! He shook his tail at the fox. The fox did not see Rudy until it was too late. Then the fox was covered with Rudy’s smell. The fox ran away. It left Twinkle Dingle! And then the fairies were all safe.

The Queen was so happy! Today she gave Flutterglow and Cloverflower a Reward. She gave them each a Sweet! Their Sweets are called Peppermint. They are red and white. Sweets are Special. We have to get them from human places. I would rather have nectar or buttermilk. But Cloverflower and Flutterglow like Sweets. They were happy. They shared their Sweets with Wildwhisper. He takes good care of the Thorn.

The Queen also gave Rudy a Reward! He does not eat Sweets. She gave him a pear. It was not Smallified! He was happy. Rudy let me lick his pear. It was delicious.

And guess what? No one had to work today! It was a Celebration! We played games all day. It was fun. I played hide-and-seek and leap-tag and find-the-bubble and got-your-wing and pick-a-hand!

My wings are tired. My eyes are sleepy. But the fox is gone!

Goodbye from Bud Mushroom.