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17 July 2016

I stayed home today!

When I woke up my head hurt and my wings hurt and my throat hurt. I did not get out of bed. I went back to sleep in my hummingbird nest.

Cloverflower came to my house. She shook me. She said *Bud Mushroom get out of bed! It is time to be Useful!*

I sneezed on her. It was a good sneeze.

Cloverflower said *Bud Mushroom that is disgusting. But you are ill. I will get Crystalfluff*. She popped away!

Then Crystalfluff came to my house. Her job is Healer. She looked in my eyes. She put her ear on my chest. She said *Bud Mushroom open your mouth and say ahhhhhhh*.

So I did. And then I sneezed on her.

Crystalfluff said *Tsk tsk Bud Mushroom. Drink this*. She gave me something to drink. It tasted like berries and honey. It was delicious.

Then she said *You must stay in bed today, Bud Mushroom. You should not have gone out in the rain*. Then she left.

I know it was naughty. Rain is not good for fairies. But it was so much fun!

Then Willowdrop came to my house! She patted my hand. She kissed my forehead. She said *There there Bud Mushroom. Your Mummy will take care of you*. She is not really my Mummy now that I am Growed-Up. But she was a good Mummy when I was a Sprout. I was happy to see her today.

She sang to me and told me stories and fed me nettle soup. Then I fell asleep in my nest bed. When I woke up, I felt better! Willowdrop said I could get out of bed. But I have to stay inside until tomorrow. Then I will be well and I can be Useful again.

Goodbye from Bud Mushroom.

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