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15 July 2016

The Thorn

I did something very Useful today! I will tell you what it is.

Wildwhisper was Flutterglow’s Poppy. He is bigger than I am. He has a Very Important Job. I will tell you about his Job.

Sometimes humans come to Twinkle Dingle. They ask the Queen for things. I do not know why they don’t ask a human Queen. But they don’t.

The Queen makes humans do Useful Tasks. Then they get what they want. But they can’t see fairies do magic. It is a Rule. I don’t know why.

Humans have to close their eyes so they don’t see the magic. Sometimes they do not want to close their eyes. So they have a choice! They can have their eyes poked with a Thorn instead! No human ever chooses the Thorn. I do not know why.

Wildwhisper guards the Thorn. He polishes it and keeps it safe. If a human chooses it, it is ready.

Today the Queen said *Wildwhisper you must guard the clearing from pixies. Do not bring the Thorn. You will take the Thorn to Bud Mushroom. Bud Mushroom will be Useful and Guard it!*

Wildwhisper brought the Thorn to my tree-trunk house. I was afraid he would see my pink rock. I hid it under a leaf. He did not see it.

I watched the Thorn all day. It did not wiggle or sing or fly. It did not have pictures to jump on. It was boring. I almost fell asleep! It was a very long day. But the Thorn was safe. And I was Useful.

Wildwhisper took the Thorn when the day ended. He brought me a surprise! It is a hummingbird nest. There is no hummingbird in it. The birds all flew away. They do not need the nest.

It is soft inside. It will make a nice bed. I will sleep in it tonight.

Goodbye from Bud Mushroom.