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04 July 2016

My Mummy

One day, a giant wasp flew near the Queen. It almost stung her! My mummy saw the wasp. She flew fast! My mummy was very brave! She tied up the wasp with spider silk! The Queen was glad she did not get stung!

The Queen gave a Seedling seed to my mummy. It was a Reward! My mummy was so happy! She danced all the way home!

Then Mummy did something silly. She took a nap on her way home! When she woke up, her seed was gone! She looked and looked. She could not find her seed. She was very sad.

Then she saw a mushroom. It was big and puffy. She touched it, and it popped! Guess what was inside? It was me, Bud Mushroom! And then Mummy was happy again.

She is a good mummy. Her name is Willowdrop. Mummy’s job is called Hair Dresser. She combs the Queen’s hair. She ties it with sparkly strings every morning. It is an Important Job.

She is very busy right now. Every fairy wants pretty hair for the party. Mummy has to think of ways to make it pretty. She will need a lot of spider silk. I will bring her some.

Goodbye from Bud Mushroom.