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18 July 2016

I was Useful today!

I feel better today!

Today the Queen called for me! I will tell you about it.

She clapped her hands and said *Bud Mushroom Attend Us*. That is how I know she wanted me. I do not know why she claps her hands when she wants me. But she does.

Then she said *Bud Mushroom you need clothing for Our Party. Go see Peppertwirl and get some Proper Clothing*.

I do not like clothing. It gets tangled in my wings. It makes me too hot. But I will visit Peppertwirl. The Queen told me to. I will visit her tomorrow.

Then the Queen said *Bud Mushroom be a Useful Fairy and Hide Our Gift for the Prince. Do not tell anyone what Our Gift is*.

I took it with me. I hid it. It is under a leaf in my house. But I can’t tell you which leaf. It is a secret.

I cannot tell you what the gift is. It is a surprise.

The hiding place is a good hiding place. The gift is a nice gift for a Prince.

I do not want to visit Peppertwirl tomorrow.

Goodbye from Bud Mushroom.